Expert Webinar with itemis AG: "Emerging Cybersecurity Controls & Risk Management"

Speakers: Franz-Josef Schuermann, Executive Board Member, itemis AG, and Dirk Leopold, Head of Advanced Engineering, itemis AG

On January 25, 2022, itemis AG and AmCham Germany hosted an Expert Webinar on “Emerging Cybersecurity Controls & Risk Management.”

Franz-Josef Schuermann, Executive Board Member, itemis AG, provided a captivated audience of AmCham Germany members and other interested participants with an overview of executive summary actions Chief Financial Officers, Chief Technology Officers and Chief Risk Officers can take to reduce the risk of cyber attacks. He also explained how itemis AG supports companies in their cybersecurity solutions. For this strategy, Mr. Schuermann outlined three key actions:

  • Check governance for all three IT-related cybersecurity areas in the company
  • Check responsibilities
  • Install processes and a tool for “Treat Analysis and Risk Assessment” (TARA)

Dirk Leopold, Head of Advanced Engineering, itemis AG, shared his insights on a number of global best practices for TARA. Mr. Leopold presented the implementation of TARA in the automotive industry, which has to be a pioneer due to UN regulations. Next, he explained the importance of UN regulations for cybersecurity and software updates for all companies in the industry. These regulations will become of major importance to all organizations, especially in the IoT sector, in the very near future. He outlined the top five security challenges that businesses will face: Highly complex systems, increasing resource requirements to perform TARAs, development and production in a multi-level ecosystem, highly dynamic environments and possible recertification of vehicles or components.

Overall, both speakers emphasized the necessity of creating professional control mechanisms for product cybersecurity risks to ensure that potential cyberattacks are manageable.

itemis AG is an independent IT consultancy and offers products and services for efficient software development projects. A core competency of itemis AG is the automation of software development through model based development procedures.

A recording of the webinar can be found here.

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