Pool of Applicants for 2017

Here you will find the applications of all available students for the US-German Internship Program 2017. We have categorized the students according to their major field of study. However, please note that our categories are very general and often students pursue multiple majors. Therefore, we encourage you to look at all available applications in all categories.

Note that the American grading scale is opposite to the German grading scale. University GPAs are typically on a 4.0 scale, with 4.0 being the best possible average.

Each applicant is listed alphabetically (last name, first name), along with their major field of study.

To view the complete application, please use the provided username and password to log in.

Katrin Utzinger

Manager, Membership Development & Services

+49 69 929104-50

Masha Conquest

Specialist, Membership Development & Services

+49 69 929104-52