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Online Services Directory

The Online Services Directory (OSD) enables all visitors to AmCham Germany's website to search for member companies, services and contacts in various industries. Here you will find AmCham Germany's members' services online. Patron, Executive and Corporate Members of AmCham Germany can benefit from this free marketing service by returning the OSD form per fax or email.

How does it work?

  • You may use this search engine to look for services, contacts, companies and industries.
  • It is possible to narrow down your search according to  company nationality (US or Non-US), ZIP code, region, or by using keywords from the following categories: type of business, NAICS, and legal references.


Address Services for Members

AmCham Germany assists members in their search for contacts worldwide.

  • Looking for an attorney-at-law in the area of US corporate law?
  • Looking for a first contact when setting up a business in the USA?

If we cannot answer your questions, we assist you in finding a partner who can help. This service is for business development organizations and companies looking to connect with companies of all sizes and industries anywhere in the world. We will assist you by providing recommendations for helpful contacts from our network who can support you in your business endeavors.


This service is for our members only.

Milena Belogortseva

Specialist, Membership & Business Development

+49 69 929104-50