Public Affairs Overview

AmCham Germany’s public affairs and government relations activities revolve around the work of six specialized policy committees.

The policy committees constitute AmCham Germany's forum for discussing and defining policy recommendations on critical transatlantic business and government issues. They are the voice of transatlantic business and foster the dialogue between AmCham Germany’s member companies and decision-makers in Berlin, Brussels and Washington, DC as well as other stakeholders in politics, business and civil society. Position statements and press releases are developed in order to deliver members' opinions to government, the public and relevant stakeholders.

The policy committees of AmCham Germany are membership-led and membership-driven. The commitment of our member companies enables AmCham Germany to advocate a healthy business climate in Germany, making AmCham Germany a well-respected voice on transatlantic business among all relevant policy-makers.


Energy & Climate

AmCham Germany erwartet von COP 24-Verhandlungen richtungsweisende Entscheidungen

Die Mitgliedsunternehmen von AmCham Germany erwarten, dass bei den COP 24-Verhandlungen in Polen ein starkes und einheitliches Regelwerk beschlossen…

Corporate Responsibility

AmCham Germany’s CR Committee discusses sustainability policy with Prof. Günther Bachmann

On November 13, 2018, members of AmCham Germany's CR committee met with the Secretary General of the German Council for Sustainable Development, Prof…

Energy & Climate

Energy & Climate Committee discusses NEC Directive with Karsten Möring, MdB

On October 10, 2018, members of AmCham Germany's Energy & Climate Committee met with Parliamentarian Karsten Möring, to discuss the implications of…


Policy Committee Overview

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Position Paper on the German Federal Election 2021

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Positionspapier zur Bundestagswahl 2021

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Positionspapier EU-Ratspräsidentschaft (Juni 2020)

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Position Paper EU Council Presidency (June 2020)

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