The EU and the United States are bound together by strong and stable economic ties. Outside the EU, the United States is Germany's third-largest trading partner. As the voice of transatlantic business, AmCham Germany is committed to enhancing German-American cooperation, maintaining an open business climate and promoting international investment on both sides of the Atlantic.

AmCham Germany continues to advocate for a free trade agreement between the EU and the United States. Such an agreement presents a unique chance to unite two of the world's largest economic areas, resulting in numerous benefits for society and business on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond.

Transatlantic Trade News


AmCham Germany begrüßt Annäherung beim Handelsstreit zwischen USA und EU

Gemeinsames Bekenntnis zum freien Handel ist nach den Wochen der Konfrontation ein wichtiger Schritt // Joint commitment to free trade is an important...

Government Relations

AmCham Germany Issues Public Comment on Section 232 Automobile Tariffs

Public Consultation by the U.S. Department of Commerce


AmCham Germany’s Trade Committee Meets with Assistant United States Trade Representative, Daniel Mullaney

On Friday, May 18, AmCham Germany hosted Daniel Mullaney, Assistant United States Trade Representative for Europe and the Middle East, for a...

Trade Committee

AmCham Germany's Trade Committee provides a unique forum where high-level stakeholders from business, industry and politics can convene and discuss trade policy issues.


Joint Statement by the Business Alliance on TTIP: Regulatory Component in the TTIP – Key to Success

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The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) - Opportunities and Challenges

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AmCham Germany's 10 Points for TTIP

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AmCham Germanys 10 Punkte für TTIP

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