The Tax Committee is the strongest tax-focused lobbying group of inbound investors in Germany and maintains good relations across all parties with political leaders and administrative officials at the regional and federal levels. These connections form the basis for monitoring potential upcoming changes and opportunities emerging from the administration in Berlin. Through ongoing meetings, AmCham Germany's Tax Committee members maintain a continuous dialogue with numerous representatives from the German Ministry of Finance (BMF).



May 28, 2020: Virtual Tax Committee Meeting (no external speakers)


May 8, 2019: Tax Committee Meeting
with Dr. Rolf Möhlenbrock, Head of Department IV Direct Taxes, Federal Ministry of Finance
Topics included: Digital Tax and Minimum Tax (Update on OECD Consultation), DAC 6, ATAD I and ATAD II, GrESt

December 11, 2019: Tax Committee Meeting
with Danyal Bayaz, MdB, Member Finance Committee, Alliance 90/ The Green Party Parliamentary Group and Dr. Thomas Eisgruber, Directorate-General IV: Taxation - Direct Taxes, Federal Ministry of Finance
Topics included: Inclusive Framework Pillar I and II, ATAD II, DAC 6, JStG 2019, GrESt


January 17, 2018: Tax Committee Meeting
with Dr. Stefan Greil, Department IV B International Corporate Taxation, Federal Ministry of Finance & Prof. Dr. Joachim Englisch, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
Topics included: US Tax Reform, DAC 6, Digital Tax

October 15, 2018: Joint Tax & Financial Services Committee Meeting
with Lothar Binding, MdB, Financial Policy Spokesman of the SPD Parliamentary Group, and Antje Tillmann, MdB, Financial Policy Spokeswoman of the CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group
Topic: Current issues in corporate tax policy

November 29, 2018: Tax Committee Meeting
with Johannes Höfer, Head of Department IA 5 Tax Policy, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, and Dr. Wendelin Staats, Head of Department IV B 5 International Corporate Taxation and Tax Policy, Federal Ministry of Finance
Topics included: Digital Tax, Brexit, DAC 6

Tax News


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Tax Committee

AmCham Germany's Tax Committee monitors debates on taxation issues in Germany and provides detailed, constructive suggestions to German policy makers to improve German tax regulations.


Stellungnahme Jahressteuergesetz RefEntwurf AmCham Germany (Juni 2019)

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Stellungnahme zu OECD "Tax Challenges & Digital Economy" (März 2019)

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Stellungnahme Brexit StBG AmCham Germany (Oktober 2018)

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Positionspapier zur internationalen Besteuerung der digitalen Wirtschaft

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Stellungnahme: Referentenentwurf eines Gesetzes zur Um-setzung der Änderungen der EU-Amtshilferichtlinie und von weiteren Maß-nahmen gegen Gewinnkürzungen und –verlagerungen

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