Social & Labor Affairs

The Social and Labor Affairs Committee maintains a clear, constructive and open dialogue with political stakeholders. Corporate governance, data protection, immigration and posting of workers, minimum wages, operational and corporate co-determination as well as skill shortage, work-life balance and gender equality, contract labor and health and safety of employees are amongst the issues discussed regularly within the Social and Labor Affairs Committee.

Social & Labor Affairs News

Social & Labor Affairs

Social & Labor Affairs Committee meets Dr. Carsten Linnemann, MdB

Berlin, January 25, 2016. Members of the Social & Labor Affairs Committee discussed the plans of the German Federal Government on employment and…

Social & Labor Affairs

Social & Labor Affairs Committee releases Position Statement “Zeitarbeit und Werkverträge”

Planned Regulations of Temporary Employment and Work Contracts

Social & Labor Affairs

Social and Labor Affairs Committee Meeting with Katja Mast, MdB, Bundestagsfraktion

The Arbeitsstättenverordnung was discussed further at a policy committee meeting on March 9, 2015 with Katja Mast, MdB, SPD-Bundestagsfraktion. The…

Social & Labor Affairs Committee

The Social and Labor Affairs Committee monitors social and labor policy debates in Germany.


Stellungnahme für einen beschäftigungsfreundlichen Arbeitsmarkt (Februar 2018)

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Stellungnahme "Referentenentwurf für ein Gesetz zur Regulierung von Zeitarbeit und Werkverträgen" (Januar 2016)

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Stellungnahme "Reform der Arbeitsstättenverordnung"

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Statement "Reform of Workplace Regulation"

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