Financial Services

AmCham Germany monitors current developments that effect companies in different parts of the financial services industry. It serves as a platform to exchange best practices and discuss political issues such as the "Brexit". The Financial Services Committee also aims to support Fintech companies, strengthen their co-cooperation with established companies and help as a bridge builder from the US to Germany and vice versa.

Financial Services News

Financial Services

Expert Briefing on "The Future of Finance in a Changing World"

Speakers: Prof. Philipp Sander (Frankfurt School Blockchain Center), Magda Rokosz (Geopolitical Intelligence Services, GIS) and Beate Murray (Western…

Financial Services

Financial Services Committee Meets with German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority and German Central Bank

Topics: Basel 3 Regulations and Implications of Brexit on Financial Services Market

Financial Services

Financial Services Committee Re-Organized

Focus on Brexit, innovation in the financial sector, transatlantic regulatory developments and data protection and security

Financial Services Committee

AmCham Germany’s Financial Services Committee engages in policy issues and discussions relating to financial developments on national, European and global levels.