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The Energy & Climate Committee is the voice of AmCham Germany's members in the energy sector representing both energy producers and energy consumers. It monitors legislative developments in energy policy in Germany and the EU and engages in related political debates. The committee advocates for frameworks that encourage investment and innovation and reflect a balanced approach based on ecological and economic considerations such as security of supply. On the national level and in the context of the German Energiewende, the committee advocates for a consistent and competitive sustainable energy policy that strengthens Germany as a business location. Recognizing that international cooperation is critical to overcoming energy and climate challenges, the committee provides a platform for transatlantic discourse on energy and climate issues.

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Enviroment & Energy

AmCham Germany zu den COP 23-Verhandlungen

Dialog und Innovationen der Wirtschaft leisten großen Beitrag für eine erfolgreiche internationale Klimapolitik

Enviroment & Energy

Steffen Bilger, MdB, meets with EEC to discuss the current state of e-mobility

Berlin. Steffen Bilger, Berichterstatter für Elektromobilität der CDU/CSU-Fraktion, joined AmCham Germany's Environment & Energy Committee meeting on...

Enviroment & Energy

AmCham Germany's EEC discusses G20 Summit with Dr. Gesa Miehe-Nordmeyer, Federal Chancellery

On May 10, 2017 Dr. Gesa Miehe-Nordmeyer, Leiterin G7/G20 Sherpa-Stab at the Federal Chancellery met with members of AmCham Germany‘s Environment &...

Energy & Climate Committee

AmCham Germany’s Energy & Climate Committee supports the principles of long-term economic efficiency, demand-oriented innovation and excellence in production processes impacting the environment as well as product management in German and European legislation.


Position Paper "Stellungnahme zu dem Regierungsentwurf des Kraft-Wärme-Kopplungsgesetz" (November 2015)

PDF 71.50 KB

Position Paper "Stellungnahme zu dem geplanten globalen Klimaschutzabkommen im Rahmen der UN Klimakonferenz COP21 in Paris" (Oktober 2015)

PDF 52.84 KB

Position Paper „Stellungnahme zu der künftigen Nutzung von Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung“ (May 2015)

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Position Paper "Beitrag zur Diskussion um ein neues Strommarktdesign" (November 2014)

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Position Paper "Beitrag der Amerikanischen Handelskammer zur Energiewende" (June 2012)

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