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The Digital Policy Committee represents the interests of AmCham Germany members in the digital sector as a central contact. The committee is made up of representatives from American and German companies. We follow the digital policy debates in Germany and provide detailed and constructive suggestions for regulations and political projects. The committee meets regularly with representatives from politics, science, business and society to discuss current issues, challenges and solutions in digital policy.

(Note: Until April 2020, the Digital Policy Committee was called the Telecommunications, Internet & Media (TIM) Committee.)



February 10, 2020: Digital Policy Committee Meeting
with Dr. Hinrich Thölken, Special Representative for International Digitization Policy and Digital Transformation, Federal Foreign Office

February 26, 2020: Digital Policy Committee Meeting
with Eva Christiansen, Head of Department 6 Policy Planning, Innovation and Digital Policy, Strategic IT Management, German Chancellery

June 25, 2020: Virtual Digital Policy Committee Meeting
with Prof. Ulrich Kelber, Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, BfDI
Topics: Data security and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


December 11, 2019: Digital Policy Committee Meeting
with Nadine Schön, MdB, Deputy Parliamentary Group Chairwoman, and Tankred Schipanski, MdB, Spokesperson for Digital/Digital Infrastructure, CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group


May 15, 2018: Digital Policy Committee Meeting
with Deputy Assistant Secretary James Sullivan Jr., US Department of Commerce

November 15, 2018: Joint TIM & IRC Committee Meeting
with Stefan Schnorr, Head of Digital & Innovation Policy, Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy

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Digital Policy Committee meeting with Eva Christiansen

Great discussion at today’s Digital Policy Committee meeting with Eva Christiansen, Department Head of Digital Policy and Strategic IT Regulation at…

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Digital Policy Committee Breakfast on the CDU/CSU's Ideas for a New Digital Strategy

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"Digital transformation is the biggest opportunity to improve people's health"

Interview with Chantal Friebertshäuser, Chairman of the Management Board at MSD SHARP & DOHME GmbH

Digital Policy Committee

The Digital Policy Committee is the voice of AmCham Germany's member companies in the field of telecommunications, internet and media and aims to create fair competition as well as an innovation and investment-friendly climate in those markets.


TIM Milestones - Kernforderungen für den Innovationsstandort Deutschland (März 2018)

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Stellungnahme zum Grünbuch "Digitale Plattformen" des BMWi

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