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Germany and the United States of America have been partners in the aerospace and defense sector for over sixty years, making it a transatlantic success story. To continuously expand this well-established cooperation,  AmCham Germany’s Aerospace and Defense Committee promotes a close and regular dialogue on transatlantic foreign and defense policy between business representatives, legislative and executive branches. Special focus is given to the common defense policy challenges facing Germany, Europe and the USA, the future of the transatlantic defense industry as well as the continuation of successful transatlantic cooperation. Furthermore, the timely delivery of effective security technology at competitive costs is essential for both Germany and the US. To achieve this, it is necessary that both countries constantly improve their regulatory frameworks and open their markets for each other. Competition and open markets do not only guarantee the best value for money, but enhance and simplify transatlantic cooperation programs.



March 10, 2020: Aerospace & Defense Committee Meeting
with Tobias Lindner, MdB, Spokesman on Security Policy, Alliance90/The Green Party Parliamentary Group
Topics: German defense budget and Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty

April 23, 2020: Conference Call
with Dr. Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, MdB, Spokeswoman on Defence Policy, FDP Parliamentary Group
Topics: Germany’s geopolitical and security policy challenges in times of the COVID-19 pandemic

July 6, 2020: Virtual Aerospace & Defense Committee Meeting
with Dr. Peter Beyer, MdB, Transatlantic Coordinator, Federal Foreign Office
Topic: Germany’s security priorities in the EU Council Presidency


January 30, 2019: Aerospace & Defense Committee Meeting
with Dr. Reinhard Brandl, MdB, Rapporteur on Defense Policy in Parliamentary Budget Committee, CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group

November 19, 2019: Aerospace & Defense Committee Meeting
with Rear Admiral (Flt. Adm.) Axel Deertz, Head of 23th Directorate of the Federal Ministry of Defense, Federal Security Council of the German Chancellery


July 12, 2018: Aerospace & Defense Committee Meeting
with Richard Grenell, U.S. Ambassador to Germany

July 17, 2018: Internal Committee Meeting on PESCO and EDIDP

September 10, 2018: Internal Committee Meeting on EDF

September 28, 2018: Aerospace & Defense Committee Meeting
with Dr. Fritz Felgentreu, MdB, Spokesman on Defence and Security Policy, SPD Parliamentary Group

Aerospace & Defense News

Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense

Progress on US Export Control Reform make exports significantly easier

The AmCham Germany Transatlantic Aerospace and Defense Committee welcomes the ongoing Reform of the U.S. Export Controls, which is shortening…

Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and Defense Committee hosts Rainer Arnold, MdB

On November 24, AmCham Germany’s Transatlantic Aerospace and Defense Committee met with Rainer Arnold, MdB, verteidigungspolitischer Sprecher,…

Aerospace & Defense Committee

The committee discusses public procurement, core capabilities in defense technology and the challenges of demographic changes to defense cooperation.