The Entrepreneurship & Startup Initiative promotes the role of entrepreneurship for growth and innovation by sharing experiences from different sectors and both sides of the Atlantic. The initiative strives to connect AmCham Germany and its members, especially the established corporate and Mittelstand community, with the startup ecosystem. From a transatlantic perspective, Silicon Valley not only serves as a role model for risk taking but as a case study for the constructive analysis of failure. It is also the initiative's goal to forster the dialogue between startups and political decision makers on the regulatory framework that can support and enhance entrepreneurship and innovative business models. 

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Datenverarbeitung in der App-Ökonomie zukünftig wesentlicher Treiber für Beschäftigung und Wachstum in Deutschland

US-Wirtschaftsexperte Michael Mandel belegt Bedeutung deutscher Startups und innovationsfreundlicher Rahmenbedingungen für die zukünftige…

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Position Statement „Gründung und Wachstum in Deutschland: 6 Empfehlungen zur Vitalisierung unternehmerischer Dynamik“ (April 2016)

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