Corporate & Business Law

AmCham Germany's Corporate & Business Law Committee addresses all issues that in-house counsels of companies active in the transatlantic business typically encounter and have to address. The committee not only serves as an excellent platform to exchange views with colleagues, to keep up to date on issues in the legal community and to meet experts from all areas of US and European law, but also to launch joint initiatives and joint forces. Depending on the subject, the Corporate and Business Law Committee cooperates with other AmCham Germany policy committees, for instance the Financial Services Committee or the Telecommunications, Internet & Media Committee.

Corporate & Business Law News

Corporate & Business Law

AmCham Germany zur aktuellen Diskussion um Investitionsbeschränkungen

Das Vorhaben der Bundesregierung, die Wirtschaft oder zumindest bestimmte Branchen vor investitionswilligen ausländischen staatlich gelenkten...

Corporate & Business Law

USA und Europa reden beim Thema Datenschutz oft aneinander vorbei

Einschaltung einer "Clearingstelle" zur Überwindung der Diskrepanzen zwischen Rechtssystemen


Corporate & Business Law

Datenschutz: Tauziehen zwischen USA und Europa

AmCham Germany sieht das Tauziehen zwischen den USA und Europa um den Datenschutz kritisch. Ob beim Verbraucherschutz, im Internet oder beim...

Corporate & Business Law Committee

The AmCham Germany Corporate and Business Law Committee represents the interests of companies involved in German-American trade relations.


The rehabilitation of the Iranian economy has begun: new opportunities for German and American companies (Article in Business Law Magazine)

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