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Photo credit: Mark Winkler, George. C. Marshall Center

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Transatlantic Relations Conference: AmCham Germany Participates in Transatlantic Economy Panel

On January 19th, Armin Slotta, Vice President and Treasurer of AmCham Germany, represented the Chamber at a Transatlantic Relations Conference, organized by the Geroge C. Marshall Center and Federal Academy for Security Policy. While participating in the Transatlantic Economy panel, Mr. Slotta discussed the goals of the Chamber, including advocating for the importance of free and unrestricted trade and investment between the United States and Germany, and working with our stakeholders to successfully manage the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. This includes promoting a reliable political framework to allow companies to make sound and stable investments. Mr. Slotta further stressed the fact that millions of jobs on both sides of the Atlantic benefit from free trade and that the US and Europe are inextricably linked, not just from an economic point of view, but from a cultural and societal point as well, which are important pillars to enable prosperity and security.