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TIM Parliamentary Breakfast: Presentation of the TIM Milestones paper to newly elected members of the German Bundestag

On February 21, 2018, AmCham Germany's Telecommunication, Internet and Media Committee hosted a Parliamentary Breakfast at the Deutsche Parlamentarische Gesellschaft to present its revised and updated Milestones (Link) to newly elected members of the German Bundestag. With the paper "TIM Milestones 2018 - Digitalisierung der Gesamtwirtschaft: Kernforderungen für den Innovationsstandort Deutschland", the Committee states its core demands for areas of importance for the digital transformation. The future is digital and the digital transformation of the economy as a whole will be the central factor for securing Germany's position as a leading industrial location.

The three committee chairs, Dr. Nikolaus Lindner (eBay), Mike Cosse (SAP) and Dr. Gunnar Bender (Amazon) presented the paper and led the open discussion on the chances and challenges of the digital transformation with the attending members of the German Bundestag.