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Steffen Bilger, MdB, meets with EEC to discuss the current state of e-mobility

Berlin. Steffen Bilger, Berichterstatter für Elektromobilität der CDU/CSU-Fraktion, joined AmCham Germany's Environment & Energy Committee meeting on June 1, 2017, to discuss the current state of electric mobility in Germany with its members..

The group exchanged views on the federal government's measures adopted to provide a stimulus for e-mobility. Bilger stated that while mobility needs to become more eco-friendly, he favores an evolution rather than a revolution of mobility. He affirmed that in his opinion a comprehensive and effective complete package has been framed. A number of committee members noted that in Germany, public debate regarding the transformation of mobility usually revolves around e-mobility with other alternatives remaining a footnote. Bilger agreed, and argued in favor of promoting all alternative drives.

We thank Steffen Bilger for an interesting discussion and look forward to continuing the dialogue in the future.