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Parliamentary Health Care Breakfast on living well with cancer and the challenges for cancer patients in the workplace

On March 8, AmCham Germany’s Health Care Committee organized a Parliamentary Breakfast on how to live well with cancer and the challenges cancer patients face upon their return to the workplace. Each year, more than 500.000 new cancer cases are diagnosed in Germany; at the same time, survival rates are also rising due to medical progress in oncology. More and more people are returning to the workplace after a successful therapy. During the breakfast, different perspectives on the topic where provided by our guest speakers Beate Dieneck, patient and author, Dr. Sabine Griebel, company physician, Bayer AG, and Nils Hindersmann, Gewerkschaftssekretär, Abteilung Sozialpolitik, IG BCE.


The ensuing discussion focused on how the existing challenges can be met and made clear that all stakeholders, from patients to doctors and employers, have to work together in order to improve the standard of living for patients. AmCham Germany’s health care member companies are strongly invested in furthering medical progress in oncology to advance therapy options even further to allow for a good life with cancer and a successful return to the workplace. Breakthrough innovations of the past years have increased the number of treatable forms of cancer, have reduced side effects and have thus improved the patients’ quality of life immensely.


The breakfast took place at the Deutsche Parlamentarische Gesellschaft in Berlin.