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Parliamentary Business of Healthcare Breakfast – Presentation of the new Position Paper

Berlin, September 20, 2016, AmCham Germany’s Business of Healthcare Committee presented its new position paper “Ein Plädoyer für offene Märkte und pluralistische Strukturen – Positionen der industriellen Gesundheitswirtschaft zur Gesundheitsversorgung“ during a parliamentary breakfast to members of the Germany Bundestag. The paper focuses on the challenges and chances for the healthcare industry and prerequisites for an adequate and economically viable healthcare system in Germany.

In his keynote speech, Michael Hennrich, MdB, described the key features of the industrial healthcare industry: progress and innovation, efficiency and connectedness.

The ensuing discussion concentrated on the necessary framework for a sustainable healthcare system in all areas reaching from medical devices to pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. Planning security, transparency and open markets are inevitable fundamentals for a viable healthcare system. The breakfast took place at the Deutsche Parlamentarische Gesellschaft.