Committee News


Healthcare and Life Sciences kicks off 2019 with a meeting with Thomas Müller, Federal Ministry of Health

On January 18, 2019, AmCham Germany's Healthcare and Life Sciences Committee kicked off its work for 2019 with a meeting with Thomas Müller, Head of Directorate General 1 "Drugs, Medical Devices, Biotechnology" from the German Ministry of Health. The constructive discussion focused on healthcare policies, an exchange on pricing models in the US and Germany and an outlook on ongoing legislative proposals. Numerous current issues in healthcare were covered with Mr. Müller. For example how Germany can sustain and create reliable conditions for the healthcare industry and strengthen innovation, research and development and about how important intellectual property rights are in this matter.

In addition to the exchange with Thomas Müller, the Committee also set its agenda and strategy for 2019 and identified potential meeting partners for the upcoming meetings. The meeting was hosted by committee chair, Dr. Gerd Kräh.