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Eva Christiansen from the Federal Chancellery Meets with Corporate Responsibility Committee

Berlin, January 20, 2017: Eva Christiansen, responsible for "Policy Planning, Basic Issues and Special Tasks" in the Federal Chancellery, visited AmCham Germany's Corporate Responsibility Committee to discuss the work of the Chancellery's project group "Wirksames Regieren". The project group analyzes existing policies and political projects in order to ensure that they are effective in reaching the citizens. Where necessary, the project group also develops solutions to increase the effectiveness of policies and political projects. Ideally, this evidence-based approach is being applied before policies and measures are implemented. The project group's work is guided by the principle of a responsible and informed citizen. It is based on the coalition agreement between CDU/CSU and SPD.

The Corporate Responsibility Committee thanks Eva Christiansen for her time and look forward to continuing the dialogue.