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Business of Healthcare Committee Discusses the Future of Healthcare with Dr. Gottfried Ludewig, MdA

Berlin, 7. June 2017: Members of AmCham Germany's Business of Healthcare Committee met with Dr. Gottfried Ludewig, Member of the Berliner Abgeordnetenhaus, stellv. Fraktionsvorsitzender und gesundheitspolitischer Sprecher der CDU-Fraktion, to discuss healthcare policy. Mr. Ludewig gave his insights into chances and challenges for the future of healthcare in a demographically changing society. He clearly pointed out that digitization and the use of data (big and smart data) will be key in tackling health care in an ageing society. Data is one essential element for research, development and innovation. Using, storing and collecting data must be secure and efficient in order to increase the quality of care. The patient should be involved in digital healthcare solutions and the patient's personal benefit must be made evident. In addition, the system needs to move from focusing on fighting diseases to preventing diseases. Furthermore, a reform of the German hospital structure seems inevitable and necessary. 

We thank Mr. Ludewig for an open and constructive discussion.