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Business of Healthcare Committee discusses healthcare policy with Thomas Stritzl, MdB

Berlin, March 30, 2017, AmCham Germany’s Business of Healthcare Committee met with Thomas Stritzl, MdB, CDU/CSU-Bundestagsfraktion, who is a member of the German Parliament´s Health Care Committee, to discuss current developments in healthcare policy. Thomas Stritzl provided a concise overview of the healthcare laws passed during this legislature. He also pointed out challenges for a sustainable, economically viable healthcare system in Germany and suggested necessary changes for the upcoming legislature. Innovation, digitization as well as an adequate development of eHealth solutions will be key factors for the healthcare system. In addition, Thomas Stritzl emphasized the enormous impact and importance of the (industrial) healthcare industry for the whole economy.


We thank Thomas Stritzl for the constructive exchange and look forward to continuing the dialogue in the future.