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AmCham Germany’s Energy & Climate Committee meets with Marie-Luise Dött and Dr. Lukas Köhler, MdBs

On April 8, AmCham Germany's Energy & Climate Committee hosted members of the German Bundestag Marie-Luise Dött, CDU/CSU-Parliamentary Group and Dr. Lukas Köhler, FDP-Parliamentary Group, to discuss the planned Climate Protection Act, a legislative initiative that has been the subject of intense political and public debate in recent months. In their initial statements, both guests laid out their views regarding the proposed legislation. Marie-Luise Dött advocated for a package of targeted measures and the national Climate Action Plan as a basis for a Climate Protection Act. Dr. Lukas Koehler criticized set reduction targets per sector and argued for extending the EU Emissions Trading System. They both agreed on the importance of keeping an open mind when it comes to finding solutions to reduce GHG emissions. They called for encouraging research and innovation and stressed the importance of market-based climate protection policy.

We thank our guest for their time and look forward to continuing the conversation in the future.