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AmCham Germany Leadership Visit to Washington, DC

At our recent Leadership Visit to Washington, DC, AmCham Germany President Frank Sportolari, General Manager Eveline Metzen and a delegation comprised of David Knower, Dr. Wolfgang Dierker, Jan Kallmorgen, Marc Oehler, Dr. Robin Richter, Gregor von Bonin and Francisca Schmidt met with various stakeholders from Congress, the United States Trade Representative, the US Administration and other key players to discuss trade and the transatlantic partnership.

The general tenor of the meetings was that the European/German-US relationshp is still valuable and that both parties need to work harder to strengthen the partnership. Despite recent challenges in the transatlantic relationship, we share a history and common values.

AmCham Germany meets with key political stakeholder in the US

As several delegation participants are affected by current and potential tariffs, many meetings focused on unwanted consequences of tariffs and what this means for companies, including the German Mittelstand (SMEs). We also talked about the US-EU free trade agreement, including the importance of the agriculture issue, which remains central to the discussions. Meeting partners were also very clear on the topic of tariffs on auto imports, stating that President Trump will surely push back the decision date. USMCA was also a topic that was frequently discussed, with many meeting partners stating that Congress will not rafity the deal until several changes are made, including removing the steel and aluminium tariffs. (Update: Both analyses were correct.)

In our next issue of commerce germany we will give a more detailed account of the trip and take-aways.

Curious about our meetings? Take a look at some impressions of the Leadership Visit in our gallery.