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AmCham Germany at the CUBE Tech Fair 2017 in Berlin

President Bernhard Mattes speaks on panel about "Digital Europe Initiative – What Europe can learn from the US"

On May 11, 2017, AmCham Germany's President Bernhard Mattes spoke at the CUBE Tech Fair in Berlin.

The panel discussion titled "Digital Europe Initiative - What Europe can learn from the US" touched on how political shifts and the state of the European economy are affecting digital ecosystems and how Europe can learn from and work together with the US. Panel participants included Martina Larkin, Head of Europe and Eurasia for the World Economic Forum, and Benjamin Rohé, Managing Director of the German Tech Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC).

In April 2016, AmCham Germany's Entrepreneurship Committee published a position paper with recommendations on how to foster startups in Germany and promote a more entrepreneurial business environment.

More information about AmCham Germany's Entrepreneurship Committee can be found here.