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Member Survey on the EU Elections

A Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement Should Be the EU's Top Priority

On the occasion of the European Parliament Election on May 26, 2019, AmCham Germany surveyed its member companies to find out what they made of the results. While opinions are divided over whether concrete policy changes will happen (45% stated "yes" and 40% "no"), the EU's top priorities from the perspective of our members are clear. Fifty-one percent of respondents believe the EU needs to conclude a US-EU free trade agreement and the removal of tariffs and counter tariffs, followed by 47% who feel the EU joint foreign and security policy needs to be strengthened and 44% who call for the EU to promote migrant integration and a common refugee policy. With regard to transatlantic relations as a whole, the majority of respondents (68%) believe the impact of the elections on US-EU ties will be neutral.

Even though our members believe a transatlantic free trade agreement should be on the top of the EU's agenda, only 29% think progress is likely or very likely on transatlantic trade talks - a result that reflects the business uncertainty caused by recent transatlantic trade disputes and the US Administration's tariff policies. Now more than ever, it's important for both sides to remain in dialogue and seek sustainable solutions to further trade talks. As the voice of transatlantic business, AmCham Germany is committed to bringing businesses in Europe and the US even closer together.

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About the survey:
The survey on the EU elections was conducted among the members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany (representatives of German, US and other international companies). In total, 136 company representatives participated, among which are 97 individuals from German companies, 36 individuals from US companies and 3 individuals from other international companies. The survey was conducted from May 27-31, 2019.