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AmCham Germany TOP 50 Ranking, Digitalization Check and Transatlantic Update

TOP 50 Ranking: Biggest US companies in Germany based on sales revenue in 2016 are Ford, Opel and Amazon

Transatlantic Business: Foreign investment remains stable

Digitalization Check: US companies see themselves as pioneers and artificial intelligence as an opportunity

Frankfurt, September 27, 2017 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Germany (“AmCham Germany”) presented its most recent TOP 50 ranking of US companies in Germany based on sales revenue today. The ranking of the largest subsidiaries of American parent companies shows that the growth trend is continuing: Sales in 2016 rose by 3.2 percent (2 percent in 2015). The 30 largest US employers in Germany represent around 337,000 jobs in Germany. AmCham Germany also published the results of two surveys – the Digitalization Check and a Transatlantic Update.

Digitalization Check:
US companies are ready for digitalization

American companies in Germany see themselves as pioneers of digital change. Big Data Analytics and Internet of Things technologies are already widely used by many US companies. The majority of US companies do not see the introduction of artificial intelligence as a threat to jobs: 40 percent expect the number of employees to remain the same, and 22 percent even believe that additional jobs will be created. The respondents see lifelong learning (74 percent) and problem-solving skills (39 percent) as the most important qualifications in a digital company, well ahead of IT know-how (29 percent).

Transatlantic Update:
Companies haven’t changed investment plans
The transatlantic business community is facing an uncertain development of framework conditions. Nevertheless, half of the member companies of AmCham Germany (50 percent) still expect transatlantic relations to continue as usual. Nearly 60 percent of transatlantic companies have not changed their investment plans abroad in view of the new US Administration’s economic policy. Thirty percent said they were waiting with their investment plans. The surveyed companies see the greatest opportunities in the US Administration’s plans for infrastructure investments, tax reform and a reduction of bureaucracy (assessed positively by 89, 46 and 42 percent respectively).

For member companies doing business in many other countries – especially across the Atlantic – free trade is essential. Protectionist tendencies are therefore a cause for concern for companies: 89 percent see this as the greatest challenge in transatlantic economic relations. The majority of respondents believe that a free trade agreement between the EU and the US is necessary (88 percent), but the start of negotiations in the coming year seems unlikely (83 percent). Communication with one another and a deepening of relations must continue. As the voice of transatlantic business, AmCham Germany repeatedly underlines the importance of a strong partnership between Europe and the USA and regularly holds discussions with decision-makers from politics and business on both sides of the Atlantic.

Understanding digitalization as a driver of growth
"Successful digital change is one of the most important factors for German competitiveness," said Bernhard Mattes, President of AmCham Germany. "New digital technologies are being used in an increasing number of companies. We now need to enhance digital infrastructure and create a modern regulatory framework for cybersecurity and data exchange. Companies invest where they have reliability for long-term planning and a stable environment. This must also be guaranteed in the digital realm." National individual solutions are not effective, Mattes continued. "Rather, a reliable legal framework must be created at the European and transatlantic levels."

The TOP 50 Ranking:
Largest sales in 2016: Ford, Opel and Amazon

Carmaker Ford generated sales of 22.47 billion euros in Germany in 2016. Opel occupies second place with estimated revenue of 14.6 billion euros. Amazon is in third place with sales of 13.3 billion euros, while ExxonMobil Central Europe Holding GmbH ("Esso") holds onto fourth place with sales of 8.7 billion euros in Germany (including petroleum tax).

The TOP 50 US companies are primarily active in the automotive, ICT and service sectors. The service and trade sectors with digital platform-based and B2C business models experienced particularly strong growth (+11%). The TOP 50 US companies stand for a total turnover in 2016 of around 176 billion euros in Germany.

"Digitalization is leading to a weight shift. In addition to the automotive industry, it is above all the digital pioneers in the field of platform economies that are driving revenue growth," said Frank Riemensperger, Executive Vice President of AmCham Germany and Chairman of the Management Board of Accenture Deutschland. According to Riemensperger, this is clearly shown by the industry analysis of the TOP 50 US companies in Germany. "The pace at which companies are deploying new technologies such as big data analytics and artificial intelligence for their businesses will further accelerate digital change. Waiting is no longer an option. The combination of digital products and digital services in industry 4.0 is on the way to becoming the new engine of growth on the transatlantic axis – to the benefit of both economic regions."

The 30 largest US employers in Germany in 2016:
McDonald's, Manpower, Ford

The largest employers among the US companies in Germany are McDonald's Deutschland with 58,000 employees (including franchises), ManpowerGroup (29,100) and Ford-Werke GmbH (25,399). Opel Automobile GmbH is ranked number 4 (20,619) and United Parcel Service Deutschland is ranked number 5 (19,000).

About the TOP 50 ranking and the Digitalization Check:   
AmCham Germany’s TOP 50 ranking annually lists the largest US companies in Germany and subsidiaries of American parent companies with more than 50 percent American capital in Germany, measured by sales revenue in the previous year. The criteria for sales is net revenue; i.e., sales without value-added tax. The petroleum tax and tobacco tax are an exception. The information is either provided directly by the companies or is based on well-founded estimates and research by AmCham Germany and Accenture.

A total of 38 US companies took part in the Digitalization Check, 18 of which are among the TOP 50 US companies in Germany based on sales revenue. The companies surveyed represent half of the total turnover and employees of US companies in Germany.

About the Transatlantic Update:

AmCham Germany surveyed its member companies in August 2017. Ninety-nine companies that are active in the transatlantic marketplace took part in the survey, including German, American and other international companies. The survey was anonymous.


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