The Clue - Our Podcast Series

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The Clue is the podcast for professionals in transatlantic business produced by the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany (AmCham Germany). Every month, we talk to experts, politicians, journalists and other stakeholders about the current state of transatlantic business.

Season 1 | Episode 12: Bundestagswahl 2021: What Do We Expect from the Next German Government

In this episode of the Clue, Katharina-Luise Kittler, Head of Communications and Government Relations at AmCham Germany, interviews the newly-elected President of AmCham Germany, Simone Menne about the upcoming general elections in Germany - the Bundestagswahl. The conversation evolves around the impact of the election on the transatlantic partnership and economic relations between Europe and the US in general. 

Season 1 | Episode 11: The Next Generation of Transatlantic Leaders

In this new episode of The Clue, Katharina-Luise Kittler has a conversation with two alumni of AmCham Germany's NextGen program: Kristina Schreiner and Christine Wenzel. Through the NextGen Initiative, AmCham Germany connects young professionals with a strong interest in fostering the transatlantic partnership. In bringing together a group of aspiring people from a variety of sectors, it is the goal to support tomorrow's decision makers and transatlantic business leaders. In this episode, Kristina and Christine talk about their NextGen experience and how they benefited from the program.

Season 1 | Episode 10: Diversity Drives Innovation

This episode of The Clue starts with an interview about diversity and innovation in Germany and in the US from a business perspective. In this episode, Katharina-Luise Kittler interviews Andreas Schwaiger, Managing Director at Texas Instruments Germany, on the current challenges a transatlantic business faces during the pandemic and how diversity and innovation can boost the success of your company.

Season 1 | Episode 9: AmCham Germany's Plans for 2021

In this last episode of the year, AmCham Germany's new General Manager, Daniel Andrich, outlines the plans and activities of the chamber in 2021 and why the next year will be exciting and challenging at the same time. Everyone at AmCham Germany looks forward to foster transatlantic business relations next year together with our members and our community. Happy Holidays!

Season 1 | Episode 8: Transatlantic Economy at the Crossroads

In this episode of The Clue, Dr. Adam Posen from the Peterson Institute for International Economics analyzes potential economic impacts of the upcoming US election. In the conversation with Katharina-Luise Kittler, Head of Communications and Government Relations at AmCham Germany, Posen outlines how the US economy can overcome the Corona crisis and what we can expect from the two presidential candidates and their programs.

Season 1 | Episode 7: US Election 2020: Transatlantic Business Expectations

In Episode 7 of The Clue, Frank Sportolari, President of AmCham Germany, outlines the expectations for the next US administration from a business perspective. In his conversation with AmCham Germany’s Head of Communications and Government Relations, Katharina-Luise Kittler, Sportolari points out how strong transatlantic business ties are and how this strength can help to overcome the Coronavirus pandemic on both sides of the Atlantic.

Season 1 | Episode 6: New Work in Times of COVID-19

Simone Menne is passionate about new technologies and digital transformation. As a member of many supervisory boards of international companies and of AmCham Germany's Executive Committee, she is well-experienced in change culture, diversity management and many other areas which are of great importance for transatlantic business. In this new episode of The Clue, Katharina-Luise Kittler, Head of Communications at AmCham Germany, has a conversation with Simone Menne about the changes in our work culture due to the Corona pandemic and what Germany and the US can learn from each other when it comes to transforming business models, implementing diversity and finding new ways of communication.

Season 1 | Episode 5: Innovation in Healthcare Calls for Transatlantic Cooperation

In our fifth episode of The Clue, AmCham Germany's Head of Communications and Government Relations, Katharina-Luise Kittler, talks with Chantal Friebertshäuser from MSD Germany about current trends and challenges in the healthcare industry as well as potential for transatlantic business cooperation.

Season 1 | Episode 4: The Corona Pandemic and its Impact on International Trade

In our fourth episode of The Clue, AmCham Germany's Head of Communications and Government Relations, Katharina-Luise Kittler talks with Frank Samolis, Partner at Squire Patton Boggs and Senior Advisor at AmCham Germany, about the Corona Pandemic and the impacts it has on International Trade as well as the German EU Council Presidency.

Season 1 | Episode 3: The Upcoming German EU Council Presidency

In our third episode of The Clue, AmCham Germany's General Manager Eveline Metzen talks with Dr. Wolfang Dierker, Managing Director at GE Deutschland and Policy Advisor at AmCham Germany, about the German EU Council Presidency and how Germany can use this role to foster an economic restart in the EU after COVID-19, promote technology and innovation, foster transatlantic trade talks and more.

Season 1 | Episode 2: "Throw your leadership books out of the window!"

In the second episode of The Clue, AmCham Germany's Head of Communications, Katharina-Luise Kittler, interviews author, speaker and founder Patrick Cowden. Patrick is known for his "beyond leadership" approach and unconventional business mindset. In this episode, he points out on what companies should focus most in times of crises and how they can overcome difficult situations.

Season 1 | Episode 1: The Current Status of Transatlantic Business 

In the first episode of The Clue, AmCham Germany presents the results of this year's Transatlantic Business Barometer in the light of Covid-19. While expectations for 2020 have been positive at the beginning of the year, transatlantic business now braces for revenue decline.


The Clue is AmCham Germany's new podcast for professionals in transatlantic business. Every month, the general manager of AmCham Germany talks with guests from politics, academia, think tanks, media and other experts about the state of transatlantic business. Learn more about The Clue in our trailer!