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Reminder: Annual Membership Dues Adjustment for 2020

Adjustment in accordance with the German consumer price index

We would once again like to draw your attention to the adjustment of membership dues for the upcoming year that was first announced on September 24, 2019.

The AmCham Germany Board of Directors has agreed on an adjustment of AmCham Germany membership dues in accordance with the German consumer price index. (Note: Dues depend on the company's annual sales revenue in Germany - see brackets below.)

As always, an overview of member advantages can be found on our Membership Page. Also make sure to check out 10 Benefits of Being a Member of AmCham Germany.

Patron Membership
EUR 8,900 p.a.

Executive Membership (> EUR 500 Mio.)
EUR 4,800 p.a.

Large Standard Corporate Membership (EUR 250 – 500 Mio.)
EUR 2,590 p.a.

Medium Standard Corporate Membership (EUR 25 –250 Mio.)
EUR 1,760 p.a.

Small Standard Corporate Membership (EUR 1 –25 Mio.)
EUR 885 p.a.

Basic Membership (< EUR 1 Mio.)
EUR 600 p.a.

Delegate Membership
EUR 265 p.a.

Individual Membership
EUR 265 p.a.

For further questions, please contact Markus Mill, Head of Membership Development & Services (T +49 929104-51, E mmill(at)