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IRC Hosts Dr. Thomas Sattelberger, MdB, Speaker for Research and Innovation Policy, FDP Parliamentary Group

Discussion on the Future of Germany's Attractiveness as a Leading Innovation Location

Right before the parliamentary summer recess, the Innovation & Research Committee hosted Dr. Thomas Sattelberger, Member of the German Parliament. As speaker for Research and Innovation Policy of the FDP Parliamentary group, he currently leads the group's proposal to establish an agency for radical innovations. Over lunch, the attendees discussed the future of Germany's attractiveness as a leading innovation location. Dr. Sattelberger stated that Germany's innovative capabilities are currently weak and an excessive amount of energy is directed towards existing strengths rather than building up new strengths. To find out more about Dr. Sattelberger's vision and proposal for an agency for radical innovations, have a look at his recent interview with Max Haerder of WirtschaftsWoche.