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„Health Care in America – How, Why and What Next?" Discussion with William Pierce, APCO Worldwide

Berlin, 10. October 2017: AmCham Germany’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Committee welcomed William Pierce, Senior Director of APCO Worldwide, to discuss current developments in US healthcare and the insurance industry.

Mr. Pierce provided a concise presentation on the rather unique healthcare system in the US and specifically focused on the development of the health insurance systems. The US is one of the leading countries when it comes to research and development of new pharmaceuticals and new and innovative treatments, yet it does not provide universal coverage of health insurance. Health insurance is a combination of federal and state government programs directed at particular populations, employer-provided health insurance and an individual market organized and partially subsidized by the federal government. While the system is designed to be mandatory, a nine percent uninsured rate – and an underinsured rate propably twice as high – proves it does not function as such. Mr. Pierce’s presentation focused on cultural, political as well as economic factors that have shaped and are still influencing the healthcare debate in the US. He elaborated on the benefits of health insurance for society with regard to prevention and cure of diseases and made clear that the system in place is still in need of improvement.

We thank Mr. Pierce for the very interesting exchange and the U.S. Embassy for their cooperation regarding this event.