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German EU Council Presidency: Leadership In Recovery

Recommendations for a Europe of solidarity and rules-based global trade on the foundation of transatlantic partnership


Berlin, June 9, 2020 – Today, the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany (AmCham Germany) is publishing a position paper with recommendations for the upcoming German EU Council Presidency. Starting in July 2020, Germany will assume the Presidency of the European Union for six months.

In the position paper, AmCham Germany explains how economic recovery in Germany, Europe and the US can succeed after the coronavirus pandemic. Three principles are essential for stability and prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic:

  • Open and value-based transatlantic relations

  • A Europe capable of action and solidarity

  • Free and rules-based global trade

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, which is currently challenging the existence of people and companies worldwide and causing severe damage in many areas of our community, the focus of the German EU Council Presidency will be shifted. "To overcome these enormous challenges, leadership and determination are needed," says Frank Sportolari, President of AmCham Germany. "Germany must now take its function as a role model within Europe seriously and make the most of its leadership role."

A task force consisting of representatives of various member companies from AmCham Germany prepared the position paper under the leadership of Dr. Wolfgang Dierker, Chairman of the Board of Management of GE Deutschland and Policy Advisor at AmCham Germany. "The way out of the corona crisis will only succeed through pan-European leadership and solidarity," says Dierker. "Europe must join forces to emerge from this crisis stronger than before and continue to be an equal partner for the US."


The majority of member companies expect a positive impact on transatlantic business through the German EU Council Presidency

On the occasion of Germany's EU Council Presidency, AmCham Germany conducted a survey among its 2,300 member companies. Sixty-eight percent of surveyed company representatives expect economic relations between the US and Europe to develop positively during the course of the German EU Council Presidency. In addition, 87 percent of those surveyed believe that the German Council Presidency will have a positive influence on economic recovery after the coronavirus pandemic.


AmCham Germany’s position paper on the EU Council Presidency can be found here.

The results of the survey on the EU Council Presidency can be found here.

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