Transatlantic Aerospace and Defense Committee meets with Federal Ministry of Economics

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On May 18, the Transatlantic Aerospace and Defense Committee met with Ulf Zumkley and Dr. Christian Stursberg, Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs, Abteilung IV A 4, Sicherheits- und Verteidigungsindustrie, to discuss the Federal Government’s “Position Paper on Strengthening the Defense Industry in Germany”. Main topics included the consolidation of the European defense industries, a common export control system as well as measures to strengthen transatlantic defense projects. Representatives of AmCham Germany’s member companies criticized inconsistencies in Germany’s export control regime and called for a more coherent and more predictable application of existing criteria.

AmCham Germany’s TADC thanks Mr. Zumkley and Dr. Stursberg for the input given as well as their willingness to meet with the committee

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