TADC discusses transatlantic defense cooperation

On September 21, 2016, AmCham Germany’s Transatlantic Aerospace and Defense Committee met with Henning Otte, MdB, Verteidigungspolitischer Sprecher der CDU/CSU-Bundestagsfraktion, to discuss possible improvements in transatlantic defense cooperation. Mr. Otte stressed the common values shared by Europe and the United States but also emphasized that Germany should accept more responsibility and its leadership role in European Affairs.

While Mr. Otte reasserted his party’s commitment to German key defense technologies, he shared industry’s concerns with regard to “German free” multinational defense cooperation. Further topics included export control restrictions, the consolidation of European defense industries as well as the cooperation between US Original Equipment Manufacturers and German Mittelstand.

AmCham Germany thanks Mr. Otte for his time and looks forward to continuing the dialogue on these important issues.

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Thomas Henneberg

Manager, Head of Membership Engagement & Events