Press Briefing: What can we expect from the results of the Bundestagswahl?

Guest Speaker: Christian Feld, Head of Foreign Affairs Department, ARD Hauptstadtstudio

In light of the German Bundestagswahl this past Sunday, September 26th 2021, Christian Feld from ARD joined AmCham Germany’s Berlin Regional Chapter Chair Prof. Dr. Torsten Otlmanns for a discussion on what we can expect from the election results.

Throughout the briefing, two things became clear: First, after 16 years of Chancellor Merkel and Christian Democrat rule, big change is coming for the Republic, most likely in the form of a traffic light coalition (Social Democrats, Free Democrats and the Green Party). Second, there is no time to lose regarding coalition building; a ready to govern coalition needs to be formed in order for Germany to speed up work on modernizing and digitalizing the country’s infrastructure. The importance of the transatlantic relationship was also discussed, with Mr. Feld making clear that all parties and possible coalitions are open and welcome the transatlantic relationship. In conclusion, with negotiations still on-going, compromises will have to be made in order to form Germany’s 20th Bundestag.

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