Position Paper on Artificial Intelligence

Seizing the Momentum - Shaping International AI Regulation Together: Recommendations from AmCham Germany’s Digital Policy Committee to Foster Effective AI Regulation

In response to the increasing importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in global economic processes and technical advancements, AmCham Germany has published a new position paper titled "Seizing the Momentum - Shaping International AI Regulation Together." In light of heightened attention on AI, especially with the rapid growth of generative AI and large language, AmCham Germany underscores the necessity for international cooperation in regulating this transformative technology. 

The core recommendations outlined in the position paper are as follows: 

1. Since AI is a globally used instrument and is integrated into economies worldwide, regulation must also be internationally coordinated and respected.  

2. Regulation must consider safety requirements and innovative potential equally and thus be both value- and risk-based. 

3. Regulation must be centralized at the national level. Given its significant importance, we deem coordination within the Chancellery to be necessary.  

4. Regulation must also be coordinated internationally and requires the cooperation of governments, business, science, and civil society. AmCham Germany suggests striving for a supranational authority to prevent the fragmentation of standards.  

5. Globally applicable and interoperable AI requires the coordination of essential key terms and technical standards. 

This position paper reflects AmCham Germany's commitment to fostering responsible AI development through international collaboration, centralized national regulation, and a balanced approach that considers both safety and innovation. AmCham Germany encourages governments, businesses, academia, and civil society to work collectively in shaping a harmonized and effective international AI regulatory framework. 

Click here to read the position paper in English and German.

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Maik Luckow

Head of Department

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