One Week Thereafter: The Way Forward After Inauguration

Insights Webinar with Scott Horton
Photo Copyright: Andrea Izzotti/Shutterstock

On January 27, 2021, Scott Horton (attorney, academic and journalist) gave a critical assessment of the future of Donald Trump, the policies of the Biden administration and the ramifications for the US political systemat an AmCham Germany Insights Webinar organized by the Baden-Württemberg Regional Chapter. Mr. Horton observed that democrats have an institutional agenda including:

-Elimination of the Electoral College
-Change of Congress through admission of potentially 5 new states
-Undoing of Republican stacking of judiciary

He also shared newly-elected President Biden’s plan for improved US-German relations through:

-Strong admiration for Angela Merkel
-Support and encouragement for German regional leadership
-A belief that Germany serves as the ‘anchor’ and ‘stabilizing power’ in Europe

Mr. Horton also believes the new administration will conduct a prompt reassessment and pull back from punitive tariffs of the Trump era.

We thank our sponsor of this E-Business After Hours, Joe Communications, again for facilitating this video conference.

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