NextGen Hybrid Kick-Off

On August 6, AmCham Germany welcomed its 2020 NextGen cohort in a hybrid event format which included a virtual conference and a small network opportunity exclusively for the NextGens in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, and Düsseldorf

Last Friday, on August 6, AmCham Germany welcomed its NextGen cohort at a hybrid conference. The virtual conference included an opportunity for the NextGens to e-connect with their fellow cohort and to learn about the structure of the organization and the opportunities within the NextGen program. AmCham Germany President, Simone Menne, and General Manager Daniel Andrich gave welcoming remarks and insights into the world of AmCham Germany. Further, some members of the NextGen Steering Committee, such as Sandra Horst, Dr. Andreas Lohbeck, and Daniel Reck, explained their role within the organization and how participating in the program has had a personal impact in their lives.

A transatlantic panel took place to conclude the virtual part of the conference with the title: Two New Governments: New Game = New Chance? Have U.S.-German relations improved since President Biden took office? What is to be done by a new German government? Panelists for the discusion included: Annette Green, Vice President DACH, SAS Insitute and AmCham Germany Vice President, Anett Meiritz, U.S. Correspondent in Washington D.C. for Handelsblatt, Stefan Mair, Director of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs and Executive Chairman of Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik and Peter Beyer, MdB (CDU/CSU), Coordinator of Transatlantic Cooperation in the Field of Intersocietal Relations, Cultural and Information Policy. AmCham Germany General Manager Daniel Andrich moderated the panel. The transatlantic panel centered on a wide variety of issues concerning the transatlantic partnership, discussing the future of German-U.S. relations with the new administrations, expectations and perceptions from both sides of the Atlantic and within the context of a post-pandemic outlook and many other global issues.

To provide an opportunity in person to network, albeit in a small round, three small get-togethers exclusive to the NextGen cohort and alumni took place in our regional chapters in the cities of Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, and Düsseldorf.

We thank everyone who contributed to the virtual conference and thank the local leads for the dedicated planning for the in-person get-togethers.

We look forward to seeing the cohort at multiple events and wish them a warm welcome to AmCham Germany!

For more detailed information please contact:

Heather Liermann

Head of Department

Membership Engagement & Development