Member Story with Texas Instruments Germany

In this Member Story, Andreas Schwaiger (Vice President, Regional & EMEA Controller at Texas Instruments) shares his insights on priorities and opportunities for the transatlantic partnership as representative of one of the world-leading tech companies
Photo Copyright: Andreas Schwaiger

In your opinion, what are the largest current challenges for transatlantic business?

The current global geopolitical and geoeconomic situation is a challenge for companies. Markets are nervous and under pressure. High energy cost and stabilizing supply chains are some of the key careabouts currently. In this environment, partnerships and the transatlantic relationship are particularly important. From our point of view, as a U.S. company – with an over 50-year history in Germany – multilateralism is crucial  not only for the semiconductor industry but the whole global economy. In order to enable businesses to stay competitive and successful, free and open markets are the cornerstone. It’s important to continously strive towards this goal together.

Are there any particular points your company sees as priorities in light of Germany’s G7 presidency?

The political landscape is becoming more and more aware that microelectronics is an enabler for the digital as well as for the ''green'' transformation. We as a company see that bringing political needs, legislative frameworks and technological possibilities together is necessary – so that innovators find reliable, durable and attractive investment conditions. Comfortable and affordable access to energy and raw materials in this context is as important as an innovation friendly political and societal environment.

In this context, Germany as one of the most export oriented countries needs to continue to strive for open, yet resilient, global collaboration and value creation. The dual transition as precondition to address environmental and socio-economic challenges can only be achieved based on global efforts.

As a global leader in the tech sector, what approach can the transatlantic partnership take to make most use out of artificial intelligence and technology?

Just one example from our technology point of view: Bringing together different sensor data quickly, in realtime and uninterrupted, is crucial for e.g. modern driver assistance systems, autonomous or automated driving and smart city scenarios. The amplifier and converter components within the signal chain are responsible for the precision – and this has to work all over the world in every application. This illustrates that developments in semiconductor technology are major drivers of sensor based applications overall.

Can you give us any insights to the trends in terms of investment or projects that have become prevalent in the last two years and moving forward?

In our daily lives, we are surrounded by semiconductors. Intelligent and energy-saving household appliances, electromobility, manufacturing technology, aerospace, building technology, energy supply and many other areas would not be possible without semiconductors. This will continue and even increase in the future. Semiconductors are the basis to make life more easy and affordable, to make our society climate-neutral and to shape demographic change in a social way.

How does Texas Instruments help to connect companies and businesses around the globe?

Our mission and passion is to create a better world by making electronics more affordable through semiconductors. Along these lines, we help our customers develop new applications, particularly in the industrial and automotive markets. As a member of various industry organizations, such as AmCham Germany, we aim at being part of discussions about suitable frameworks for investments and progress. Another example is our startup initiative, where we showcase that creativity and the ability to innovate are business critical and via which we support young companies with know-how and manpower.

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