Earth Intelligence and Space Infrastructure Solutions - Interview with Maxar Technologies

Maxar Technologies is an innovator in earth intelligence and space infrastructures, specializing in many areas such as: manufacturing communication, earth observation, radar, and satellite products.

Maxar Technologies is headquartered in Westminster, Colorado, U.S. AmCham Germany had a conversation with Paulo Godinho, Senior Manager in Regional Marketing EMEAR, about the company’s impact on space technology and upcoming innovations.

Who is Maxar Technologies and what is your impact on space technology?

Paulo Godinho: Maxar Technologies is a leading provider of solutions in earth intelligence and space infrastructure. Maxar helps government and commercial customers to monitor, understand and navigate the changing planet, deliver global broadband communications and explore and advance the use of space. The company’s approach combines decades of deep mission understanding and a proven commercial and defense foundation to deliver services with speed, scale and cost effectiveness.


How do you do that?

We strive to make information actionable and space accessible. Maxar is a trusted partner and innovator in earth Intelligence and space infrastructure. It’s space infrastructure capabilities enable us to design, build, integrate and test solutions for space-based communications, earth observation, exploration, and on-orbit servicing and assembly. Our broad spectrum of services includes mission systems engineering, product design, spacecraft manufacturing, assembly integration and testing.

Maxar earth intelligence capabilities help customers map, detect, address and predict change at unprecedented speed and scale. From environmental monitoring to map-making, some of the world's most innovative companies invest in superior earth intelligence to inform critical decisions and improve return on investment.


On what projects are you currently working on specifically?

Our next-generation earth imaging constellation, a highly flexible and resilient satellite platform, will change a lot, we’re not just launching more satellites. In 2021, we will deploy a legion, WorldView Legion, providing unprecedented visibility into our changing planet to solve the biggest challenges facing our world today. It offers more frequent monitoring for enhanced support of emergency response, maritime surveillance, infrastructure and other remote monitoring needs.

The WorldView Legion constellation will initially include six, high-performance satellites that more than triple Maxar’s capability to collect sub 30 cm resolution imagery. Our mission partners will have dramatically more frequent images over the most in-demand areas throughout the day for their decisionmaking processes. With the addition of WorldView Legion, Maxar capacity will redefine what’s possible by enabling significantly more accurate, comprehensive, and timely pattern-of-life and human geography analysis.


How do you benefit from an AmCham Germany membership in your work?

We joined AmCham Germany given its unique network of businesses and government stakeholders. We see our partnership with AmCham Germany as a way to participate and engage with decisionmakers, gain insights into policy and trade updates and benefit from the branding and networking opportunities that it provides. Also, we are looking forward to raise awareness of our space infrastructure and earth intelligence solutions through AmCham Germany’s unique engagement opportunities.

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