How to Start Your U.S. Expansion

Expert Webinar with Amazon

On October 14th, 2021, Amazon Global Selling Germany hosted an Expert Webinar on how Amazon Germany supports companies in their expansion to the US. Expert Webinars are member-driven events that allow companies to reach a captive audience of AmCham Germany members while sharing in-depth information and expert knowledge on topics of interests for AmCham Germany members, such as questions related to market entry in Germany or the United States.

The webinar was led by Rolf Kimmeyer, Head of Amazon Global Selling Germany, and focused on the topic of how German businesses can successfully master market entry in the U.S. The presentation was broken down into two main parts: first, business opportunities and second, reasons why companies should go global.

In a first step, the presentation provided an overview on business opportunities in the U.S. Here, Amazon showcased its business areas, which encapsulate four themes: consumer, seller, content creator, and enterprise.

In a second step, arguments were given regarding why companies should go global and how companies can take advantage of Amazon’s global services and scale in their expansion plans. Selling globally can create new potential sources of income; strengthen a company’s competitive position abroad; and also increase the company’s potential customer base. Mr. Kimmeyer went on to explain that with over 180 fulfillment centers worldwide, 21 global stores, and over 200 products shipped to over 200 countries and territories, Amazon Global Selling provides a unique global opportunity to sellers and services providers alike.

The presentation concluded with informative links and points of contact to start your global expansion journey now. During the presentation the following playbook was shared.


Amazon Global Selling is an e-commerce exports program that helps clients sell their products to 300 million customers worldwide, with 150+ million Prime customers. Founded in the US, Amazon has several locations in Germany. Amazon Deutschland Services GmbH has been a valued member of AmCham Germany since 2016.


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