German Federal Election 2021: Transatlantic Business Calls for Swift Coalition Building

Stable and reliable political framework is essential for the transatlantic business community
Image by Peter Dargatz from Pixabay

Berlin, September 27, 2021 – On the occasion of the German federal election this past Sunday, Simone Menne, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany (AmCham Germany), comments on the election outcome as follows: "Quickly forming a new government is necessary so that the new German Bundesregierung can ensure stable and growth-oriented economic framework conditions." The election result is close and various coalitions are possible. "It is important to hold constructive exploratory talks and bring the subsequent coalition negotiations to a swift conclusion."

“We wish all negotiation partners much success in the timely formation of a new governingcoalition,” Simone Menne continues. “Climate change, digital transformation and coping with the impacts of the Corona pandemic cause immense challenges for the new government and for Germany as a business location. At this point in time, transatlantic businesses need stable and reliable frameworks. Therefore, constructive government formation is essential.”

Actively engage on a transatlantic basis to overcome challenges

On an international level, as the largest trading bloc in the world, Germany must take a step to intensify strategic cooperation with our U.S. partner to fortify bilateral trade and transatlantic ties. As we hopefully head on towards the end of the pandemic, the call for action and constructive dialogue with the Biden Administration is vital to successfully tackle the range of economic challenges exacerbated by the pandemic. ‘’We look forward to engaging with the new German federal government as we head into this new chapter in the transatlantic relationship. It is vital to find transatlantic approaches and solutions to confront the global challenges of our time,’’ says Simone Menne. The year 2021 and the change of administrations in the U.S. and Germany offer the window of opportunity to do so.

Urgent to improve Germany as a business location

AmCham Germany emphasizes the necessity to improve Germany as a business location. As Germany’s rating as a good business location has continued to decrease on an annual basis (see our Transatlantic Business Barometer for more data), ‘’it is urgent that the future German government strengthens Germany as a business location to ensure this country remains competitive and innovative,’’ Simone Menne explains. ‘’Whereas in many areas Germany remains an attractive business partner, the ever-increasing corporate taxation and energy costs are not a sustainable strategy,’’ Menne adds.

In light of the new German federal government, AmCham Germany’s six policy committees worked out a set of policy recommendations. The three central foci concentrate on the elimination of trade barriers, a transatlantic approach to data transfer, and engaging with the U.S. in regards to climate protection. You can find the position paper here.

You can find the German version of this press release here.

A PDF version of the press release in English can be found here.

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