Expert Webinar with Deloitte & U.S. Embassy Berlin on The Inflation Reduction Act and the EU Green Deal Industrial Plan

On April 19, 2023, AmCham Germany, together with Deloitte and the U.S. Department of Commerce, hosted an Expert Briefing on “Current Opportunities for Transatlantic Business: The Inflation Reduction Act and the EU Green Deal Industrial Plan.”

AmCham Germany President Simone Menne kicked-off the event with Welcome Remarks.

Carl Obradovich, Partner, Deloitte Tax LLP, then continued with an in-depth overview of the Inflation Reduction Act, which highlighted the sectors and industries most affected by credits and tax incentives from this landmark legislation. He addressed key questions that need to be asked to determine whether a company is eligible for certain credits. He focused on aspects companies should keep in mind, such as domestic content requirements as well as greenhouse gas emissions. He also delved into key provisions and incentives of the Inflations Reductions Act, providing attendees with a thorough comprehension of its potential impact on doing business and investing in the United States.

In the second part of the webinar, Dr. Sebastian Lange, Partner, Service Line Lead Global Innovation and Investment Incentives (Funding Advisory), Deloitte GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, focused on the EU Green Deal Industrial Plan and the incentives and regulatory changes associated with it. He elaborated on the EU's ambitious goals for sustainable economic growth and the transition to a green economy. With his thorough explanations, he gave our members a comprehensive understanding of potential opportunities and shortcomings of the EU’s initiative.

Finally, Christin Mechler, Senior Investment Specialist at the U.S. Embassy Berlin shared information on the annual SelectUSA summit and how the program actively promotes and facilitates investment in the United States. Regarding the Inflation Reduction Act, she highlighted how the federal government works together with local economic development organizations to navigate the legislation’s credits and incentives and how they may be applied on a state and local level.

The insights and knowledge shared during the session will help our member companies navigate the complex landscape of transatlantic business and investment opportunities. AmCham Germany expresses its heartfelt gratitude to everyone who was involved to make this Expert Briefing a success.

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