Expert Webinar with Covington on U.S.-China Trade Relations in 2024

Panel discussion with Covington experts on U.S.-China trade frictions, commercial business challenges in China, potential impacts of the 2024 Election and opportunities for European companies.

On March 6, 2024, AmCham Germany and Covington hosted an Expert Webinar on the topic “U.S.-China Trade Relations in 2024.” After Henning Bloss, Partner in Frankfurt am Main, welcomed the participants and introduced the speakers. Christopher Adams, Senior Advisor in Washington, gave an overview of the USA's current and future trade policy towards China, U.S. Congress’ agenda for China, and the differences between Trump and Biden policies. Sean Stein, Senior Advisor in Beijing, and Yanping Cao, Partner in Shanghai, reported on the economic priorities of the China National People's Congress 2024 and potential regulatory developments that will benefit European firms in China.

Panelists then discussed the business climate in China for multinational corporations (MNCs) and the development of foreign investment in China. Furthermore, potential concerns and opportunities of MNCs in China were addressed, which included a discussion on the trend that some companies are looking for supply chain alternatives to China in other Asian countries like Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore.

The discussion was closed by the question what steps German or other multinational businesses with exposure to China can take to protect themselves from geopolitical risks.

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Clarissa Elsässer

Manager, Membership Engagement & Development