Expert Briefing on "Why US Tax Reform?”

In the second of AmCham Germany's and PricewaterhouseCoopers' biannual joint briefings on the topic "The US Tax Reform - Practical Implications and Strategies for German and US Companies in light of new Regulations and Developments" on September 2nd, experts from PwC updated the audience on the US Tax Reform, its provisions and the timeline of US regulation.

"Why US Tax Reform?" was one of the central questions of the event. Christof K. Letzgus, Partner PwC Germany in Frankfurt; Tom Patten, Partner PwC US in London and Daniel Barre, Director PwC US in Amsterdam, addressed the main intentions of the reform - stimulating the US economy, encouraging US business activities and cash repatriation, and reducing incentives to move business offshore - before explaining new US tax laws such as GILTI, FDII, BEAT, interest barriers and anti-hybrid legislation.

After the panel discussion, members and guests took the opportunity to engage in lively discussions before mingling at PwC's 'SkyConference' with a great view of Frankfurt.

Stay tuned for announcements on our next Expert Briefing at PwC in the first quarter of 2020.

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Thomas Henneberg

Manager, Head of Membership Engagement & Events