Expert Briefing on "Managing Cross-Border Investigations"


At our latest Expert Briefing on July 24, 2019, in Munich, Linklaters LLP hosted a highly informative panel discussion on "Managing Cross-Border Investigations."

Companies involved in investigations by law enforcement agencies or supervisory authorities are regularly confronted with new challenges. To complicate matters, internationally-operating companies in particular face the problem that state investigations are oftentimes not limited to one single jurisdiction. Due to increased cross-border cooperation between authorities, parallel procedures in various countries are not unusual nowadays and the norm rather than the exception. Hence, a strategic approach is crucial. But which pitfalls need to be avoided? What problems have to be coped with in practice when different legal systems collide? And what trends can be observed in the area of law enforcement - especially in the United States and the United Kingdom?

Partners of Linklaters LLP from Washington, DC, London and Munich, as well as experts of Juniper Networks, Amsterdam, and Siemens AG in Munich, updated about 40 AmCham Members on the new challenges companies have to face when investigations are not limited to a single jurisdiction.

Thank you very much to Matt Axelrod, Partner, Linklaters LLP, Washington, DC; Alison Saunders, Partner, Linklaters LLP, London; Camille Harlan, Senior Counsel, Juniper Networks, Amsterdam; Dr. Martin Petrasch, Senior Legal Counsel, Legal & Compliance, Siemens AG, Munich and Felix A. Gloeckner, Senior Counsel, Legal & Compliance, Siemens AG, Munich and Dr. Kerstin Wilhelm, Partner, Linklaters LLP, Munich for their expert advice and practical insights.


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Thomas Henneberg

Manager, Head of Membership Engagement & Events