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Mozarter Salzburg - a class of its own

Mozarter Salzburg is a coffee house whose concept is entirely new and unique. It is already exceptional and unique by the Mozarter name alone. It is supplemented by a selection that goes beyond the typical range of a coffee house and which makes Mozarter Salzburg an international brand: fashion, accessories, music, and porcelain embody the special Mozarter lifestyle.

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The tradition of the Austrian coffee house culture dates back to the late 17th century and is characterized by a very special atmosphere. Today W.A. Mozart would enjoy his coffee in the Mozarter, because in our Mozarter coffee houses the history of his time is living on. Here he would find what he is looking for: an atmosphere reminiscent of his time. The selection is inspired by the Baroque era. Unique. The Mozarter Confiserie offers a wide range of products from the world-famous ’Mozarter Kugel’ to all the other Mozarter pralines, as well as the Mozarter Pâtisserie with its Mozarter Cake and other symphonies for the pallet. While enjoying his Mozarter coffee, Mozart would surely be inspired to create new operas. The Mozarter is the cafe, which he would long for.

Over 200 years of coffee house culture in Austria speak their own language and for themselves. Close your eyes and you will see an arch stretch from Mozarter Salzburg to Mozarter New York, Mozarter Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Mozarter Los Angeles. It sounds as if Mozart himself was there, enjoying himself and his coffee.

The aim of Mozarter Salzburg is to provide pleasure in a variety of forms, to commit itself to the highest perfection, to stand up for values, art and culture. This noble ideal can only be fulfilled if we take the creative power and the special qualities of W. A. Mozart as a model. We do. Mozarter Salzburg.

The Mozarter Institute for Art and Culture goes hand in hand with Mozarter Salzburg. It promotes young talent and provides access to classical culture.

If you want to learn more about Mozarter Salzburg or if you want to become a member of the Mozarter family, you are more than welcome: franchisees, other friends, friends of art and culture, connoisseurs, ... Please visit for more information.



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