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IBISWorld: Where Knowledge is Power

IBISWorld is a trusted source of industry research that offers a database of unique information and analysis on hundreds of industries. Its extensive online portfolio equips clients with the insight necessary to make better business decisions while saving time and money.

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At IBISWorld, we help our clients make fact-driven, evidence-based business decisions by providing unmatched industry intelligence. Whether to mitigate lending risk for the world’s largest banks, drive bottom line revenue for sales and marketing teams around the globe, or to assist students in the world’s most prestigious educational institutions – organizations look to us for trusted industry research.   

With over 10,000 reports covering the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China and now Germany, IBISWorld is the world’s largest publisher of industry intelligence. We offer our clients unparalleled breadth of industry knowledge across all sectors and we are proud to help organizations make better, more informed business decisions every day.


Made in Germany

Our core offering, produced entirely in Frankfurt by our best-in-class analysts, includes comprehensive yet easy to digest reports on hundreds of German industries as classified in the Wirtschaftszweige (WZ 2008). Every report contains key statistics and deep analysis on market characteristics, operating conditions, current and historical performance, major industry players and more. These in-depth reports, plus our exclusive five-year forecasts, help our clients make better business decisions, faster.

In addition, clients enjoy the benefit of an expert account manager, located in Frankfurt, who can help drive adoption and use of our research within and across teams.


Why IBISWorld?

  • Independent – We provide unbiased research based on facts. We are completely independent and present our findings accordingly.
  • Accurate – Our rigorous quality control systems ensure that our analysis, and the data it is based on, is thoroughly reviewed, cross-checked, and triple fact verified.
  • Breadth of Coverage – With reports on thousands of industries, the scope of our collection across the countries we operate in is second to none. A wide variety of roles, functions and companies benefit from our industry research.


Partner with IBISWorld

Companies and organizations around the world find long-term value in incorporating industry research into their business decisions. From winning and retaining clients, to increasing revenue, to identifying and mitigating risk and more, our customers trust our research to help make smarter, faster and more informed decisions.



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