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Helping Brands Make an Impact in Germany & the US

Joe is an international communication consultancy based in Stuttgart, Berlin, Washington D. C., and New York. We draw from the shared experience of more than 20 intercultural professionals. Joe is 100 % independent and owner-led.

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As two of the most powerful markets in the world, Germany and the United States represent opportunities for businesses to achieve a range of goals, from increasing sales to making a lasting impact on global society. Joe is uniquely qualified to help brands inspire thoughts, feelings, and actions through strategic communication executed with creativity and passion. Our on-the-ground knowledge of the media landscape and customer attitudes help to create the right kind of buzz at just the right moment. 


As our name suggests, Joe is a different kind of communication agency. Our one core value is this: you come first. The power of our experience is concentrated on helping you achieve your goals.


Our fields of expertise extend from Lifestyle to Technology to Innovation. We create memorable experiences and impactful stories not only for the world’s most iconic wine and luxury goods, but also for complex technologies and consumer products that make everyday life easier. Whether it’s the specialized cultivation of Champagne or the intricate details of apparel manufacturing, Joe makes it understandable, accessible, and desirable. After all, we believe human interaction and dialogue are the most powerful tools in the world to create understanding and motivate action.


A joint venture of Stanton Communications (Washington, D.C. & New York) and Panama PR (Stuttgart), Joe features 20 highly talented communication experts who speak a total of eight languages and cover a variety of expertise in all fields of media and communication. With Joe, we join forces to bring a comprehensive portfolio of services and capabilities to clients focused on German and American sales and market integration.


Meike Grisson & Christian Josephi
Managing Partners of Joe
Gerokstr. 4
70188 Stuttgart
M +49 160 9720 5182
E meike(at)

M +49 163 5800 599
E christian(at)