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Geopolitical Intelligence Services

For our consulting customers as well as for our subscribers we want to be an indispensable source of information and explanation, which gives them a better understanding, an edge when it comes to decision making or just a confirmation that they are on the right track or that they made the right conclusions. Leadership means imagining the future different from others. Leaders need scenarios and alternative thinking! Leaders need fact-based opinions!

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Geopolitical Intelligence Services AG (GIS) is a provider of background information and global strategic advisory for decision makers in business, science, politics and media. We are focusing primarily on: politics; economy; energy; defense & security. Geographically, our expertise focuses on all the priority regions throughout the world, including Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Asia. In our understanding geopolitics translate the lessons drawn from historical legacy and geographical facts into operational tools. Geopolitics, in the way we understand it, develops scenarios and fosters out of the box thinking. We do not just deliver prognosis. We deliver scenarios based on probabilities. We help clients understand the rationale of the other side.

GIS offers two main pillars: Reports Online Service & Global Advisory Service

GIS - Reports Online Service provides daily, via the website, relevant and unbiased background analysis and scenarios about important geopolitical issues.

  • All reports forecast possible scenarios for the future and their implications. Not influenced by popular opinion but these informed predictions are often stunningly accurate.
  • Our most valuable assets are our world-class experts and consultants, who include leading academics, economists and political scientists, former CEOs of multi-national companies, diplomats, former and actual politicians and senior advisers to Governments.

GIS – Global Advisory Service provides independent geopolitical insight, strategic analysis and future scenarios to companies, governments, organizations and individual leaders as the basis for their strategic decisions.

  • We provide expert advice on navigating complex geopolitical situations, responding to trends and anticipating future developments, both globally and in specific regions or countries.
  • We give to decision makers and strategic planners the edge they need to be successful in international business and provide unique, up-to-date, on-point analysis and insight. Drawing on our experts’ local knowledge and networks, we also help our clients secure a decisive advantage for operating in an international environment.
  • Our analysis is founded on current and future scenarios and probabilities if needed, not historical precedent. GIS insight comes from our one-of-a-kind network of experts with specific local and sector-based knowledge, not just from readily available secondary sources.
  • We offer multiple services for forward looking decision-makers, from Face-to-Face and Online Consultations to Tailored Intelligence Reports, Debates, Q&A Sessions, Conferences & Round Tables, Simulation Games and Scenario Workshops.

Geopolitical Intelligence Services AG
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